GoPro™ Hero™ 3 has a fantastic super wide angle lens. Quite often it is desirable to have different focal length lens. Sector Optics has designed a unique solution providing standard GoPro™ Hero™ 3 housing together with a C-mount compatible optical system. Any c-mount lens from 40mm focal length on up will work. The adapter also has a standard ¼-20 tripod mount. The amazing GoPro™ camera can now use any photographic lens with a C-mount adapter ring.

Hero™ 3 cameras provide 12Mpixel photo and video recording capability, including 1080p at 60fps using standard H.264 format. Cameras can be remotely controlled by WiFi with smartphones and tablets. GoPro™ devices can simultaneously record photos and videos.

Connect EagleEye to any telescope or microscope with C-mount adapter!

Hero™ and GoPro™ are trademarks of the © 2013 Woodland Labs, Inc.

Attachment: Tripod mount (standard)
Camera: GoPro™ 3 housing (camera not included)
Field-of-View: Any C-mount lens having a focal length of 15-200mm  and f-stop of f/5 or faster is ideally suited
Display/Output: Supports all GoPro™ options
Size: 4.4” x 3.1” x 3.1”
Weight: 325g without Hero™ 3
Power: Supports all GoPro™ options

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