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In this blog, we are going to define and explain many concepts, from most basic to overly complex, needed to understand how Sport Optics work. The goal is to build something akin to an encyclopedia that is rooted in science and littered with examples from a hunter’s point of view. As we explain the optical […]

What are Sport Optics ?

Introduction to Sport Optics “Sport Optics” include a wide array of different products anywhere from rifle scopes to binoculars to even protective eye-wear. More specifically, these are instruments composed of specific photo-translucent or photo-reactive elements that interact with the light passing through them, are used “in the field” and are man transportable. The specific purposes […]

Field of View

Field of view (FoV), often expressed as an angle, is the extent of the observable world that is seen at a given distance from the observer. Technically, when stated as an angle we are describing the Angle of View (AoV) or AFoV, which may be confusing. To separate them, we define the FoV as a […]

Optical Resolution

Optical Resolution Optical resolution can be defined in a few different ways. 1. The ability of an imaging system to resolve fine detail in the object that is being imaged/viewed, or the amount of detail and image holds. When observing objects, they are unresolved when they are so far enough away such that they look […]

Predator Vision

We’re taking a small break from the scientific blog posts to share with you an exciting art collaboration from Steve Gonos – 2A Tactical LLC and Jonathan DeVries – Koted Arms. We especially love their unique, highly detailed, and creative custom weapon set ups. We’re more than impressed with their work and are happy to […]

Digital Resolution

Pixels A Pixel is the smallest controllable area of illumination on a display screen. In modern color displays these are often composed of a red, green, and blue lights/lines that are placed close to each other in an orderly manner. The diagram to the right shows a magnified view of an array. Varying the levels […]