With Real Optical 3-5.5x Zoom

T20 thermal imager offers unique optical zoom from 3 to 5.5x in a tiny package. The device offers the following features:

  • On‑board image enhancement
  • Shutter with automatic NUC
  • Auto shutdown motion sensor saves battery power
  • Multiple display views: white hot / black hot / NV green / color
  • Mounting via 30mm mounting rings

T20 can be used in variety of search operations, firefighting and detection and other commercial applications.

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Size: 70 mm x 46 mm x 39 mm (2.75” x 1.8” x 1.5”)
Weight: 133 g without battery
Zoom: 3-5.5x Continuous optical zoom with automatic focus
Field-of-View: from 17° to 9°
Min. Focus Distance: 1 m
Spectral Range: 8-14 micron
Power: CR2 -rechargeable or disposable, 4+ hours of operation
Resolution: 80 × 60 pixels FLIR Lepton 3
Display: 1.3″ OLED
Operating Temp.: -10° to +45° C
Frame Rate / Shutter: 9 Hz with shutter

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