The Internal Display does not interfere with any standard function of the 1-8x24 riflescope.
G1™ Riflescope
Sector Optics G1F1 system has a second focal plane reticle that maintains the same appearance throughout the 1-8x zoom range.
G1F1™ System
On the Sector Optics G5, the Internal Display (ID) does not interfere with any standard function of this 5 x 30 riflescope.
G5™ System
Sector Optics G1T3 System delivers thermal images to the Internal Display technology within the riflescope eyepiece, via a wired connection.
G1T3™ System


S1LRF is not built-in with S1 Spotting scope, making a perfect system for long-range shooting sports and similar spotting applications.
Sector Optics ScopeX4 adapter quadruples the power of most 30mm or 1” scopes by attaching to the end of that size scope tube.
ScopeX4™ Adapter
Sector Optics' S2LRF™ portable spotting scopes offer proven performance and outstanding HD image quality.
Sector Optics ScopeX2 works with all scopes having front tube standard 30mm or 1-inch diameter.
ScopeX2™ Adapter


Sector Optics' T8 Thermal Clip-on scope features state-ofthe- art image enhancement algorithms developed to provide hunters with an unrivaled day/night vision advantage in detecting, observing and engaging targets.
T8™ Thermal Clip-on
Sector Optics 2x, 3x, 4x, and 2-4x thermal adapters are specifically designed for hand held IR cameras.
Afocal Thermal Adapters
Sector Optics' T5x™ mini-thermal imager offers a robust feature set commonly found in more expensive devices.
T5x™ Thermal Imager
Sector Optics T3w thermal scope offers Multiple display views: white hot/black hot/NV green/color
T3w™ Thermal Imager

Digital Night Vision

Sector Optics'N2™ is a Digital Night Vision (DI2) clip-on system that allows quick transformation of your day scope into a night vision device without any special tools or equipment.
N2™ Clip-on


Sector Optics F1 rangefinder has a clean, ultra-light, timeless shape flashlight that sits naturally in the palm of your hand.
F1™ Rangefinder
Sector Optics F2TM is the first over 1 km handheld or mounted rangefinder with multiple outputs/
F2™ Rangefinder


Sector Optics B1 ED II binoculars uses the finest ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) glass.
The B2 binocular is a top of the line open bridge unit with an amazing SuperHD performance. You are getting the high end premium binocular for a lifetime of reliable use.

Other Products

Sector Optics' E1 Infrared Illuminator is an advanced high-power unit designed for long-range illumination containing top level features
E1 IR Illuminator
3x/6x Lens
Sector Optics' EagleEye GS 10-100 gun scope attachment allow users to record and transmit hi-res photos and video using their own gun scope.
EagleEye™ GS 10-100
Sector Optics designed a variety of afocal adapters for Night Vision, including 3x, 6x and numerous mounts, allowing PVS-14, PVS-15 and PVS-18 to be mounted as clip-ons.
Custom Optical Solutions
Sector Optics' E2 Hunting Light is a new step in hinting illumination combining the best visible and night vision illumination, optics and electronics in one package
E2 IR Hunting Light
Sector Optics rings feature a Picatinny rail on the top of the front ring, thus allowing for the mounting of the T20X or T3 thermal imager on top of any 30mm or 34mm riflescope.
Riflescope Rings
Sector Optics has designed a unique solution providing standard GoPro™ Hero™ 2-, 3-, 4- and a 5-, 6-, 7-, and 8- compatible housings together with 20x zoom lens that fits standard unmodified Hero™ camera.
EagleEye™ 20x
Sector Optics cantilever mount features a Picatinny rail on the top of the front ring, thus allowing for the mounting of the T20X or T3 thermal imager on top of any 30mm riflescope.
Cantilever Ring Mounts
Sector Optics custom mounting solutions has designed a unique mechanical Picatinny mount for accessories.
Custom Mounting Solutions