F2™ Rangefinder

Extraordinary Design Meets Extraordinary Technology!


The Sector Optics’ F2tm Rangefinder is more than innovative, it’s revolutionary! The F2tm is the first 1km+ handheld or mounted rangefinder with multiple outputs. Its modern minimalistic body is ultra-light and sits naturally in the palm of your hand or mounts with a 34mm scope ring. The optical front-end design is first of its kind in the world of rangefinders which maximizes the efficiency of energy output and collection. All this and it also connects with your Internal Display (ID™) which allows viewing of rangefinder data inside the ocular!

Benefits at a Glance

  • Ranges over 1.5km
  • Intuitive and easy user interface
  • Precise measurement time of .25 seconds with resolution of 1m
  • Built-in display with range and horizontal equivalent distance
  • Integrates with ID™ products manufactured by Sector Optics
  • Simplified battery cap for a single CR123 battery (or rechargeable)
Range: 2,000 yds/m
Accuracy: 5 to 1,500 yds/m 31 yd/m
Display: 1/2” white OLED
Metric/Imperial: Yes, selected
Laser: 905 nm, Eye Safe Class I
Measuring Time: <0.25 sec
Remote Control: Included
Remote Display: Yes, connects to ID
Size: 140 x 34 x 34 mm
Weight: 170 g (without battery)
Power: 3V CR123 or rechargeable